Automatic Egg Incubator Turning Tray 36 Chicken/144 Quail Eggs

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Compatible to 48egg automatic incubator widely available on the market. Just connect the motor plug attached and you are all good to go. This tray can hold 36 chicken eggs or 144 quail eggs.

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Description :
Brand New
Comes with a motor and tray automatically turn every 2 hours
Suitable for incubating chicken, duck, bird, quail, goose and other poultry eggs
Comes un-assembled. Easy to assemble

Size :
13.5cm x 43cm x 42cm

Package Include :
1 x Multiple Egg Tray with motor

Compatible to Janoel JN8-48 or similar type incubator, such as the picture bellow

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 46 x 19 x 13 cm

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